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    Hot sale airport waiting chair

    2020-07-18 17:17:22

    ThewaitingchairSJ708LAusesPUcushions.ThecolorofPUcanbecustomized.Comparedwithleatherpads,PUmaterialsaremorecomfortabletositonandmoredurable.Itissuitableforuseinairports,stations,hospitals,waitingrooms,etc.TheMOQis30sets. Armrest / Leg: Meta...

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    In addition to the three-person row chair, can it be a single or multi-person row chair?

    2020-04-30 11:54:59

    For example, generally speaking, the rows of chairs on the market can be made into single or multi-row chairs. Specifically, according to the model provided by the manufacturer, it can produce single-row chairs, two-row chairs, three-row ch...

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    How much do you know about airport chairs?

    2020-04-27 10:31:35

    How much do you know about airport chairs? What are the specifications of the airport chair: Our common airport chairs are all row seats: three-person, four-person and five-person. The most commonly used are three-person airport chairs. Des...

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    How to purchase and repair public seats?

    2020-04-23 11:25:18

    Public seats are used in specific public places to provide people with public furniture for rest and entertainment. In public places, it not only brings convenience to people on the road, but also provides a beautiful choice for the public...

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    What are the characteristics of auditorium chair

    2020-04-18 15:41:21

    What are the characteristics of auditorium chair ? 1.Seat back sponge: It adopts cold foaming shaped sponge, the curve conforms to the principle of ergonomics, high density does not deform, and it can be processed with flame retardant funct...

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    What are the characteristics of aluminum alloy row chairs?

    2020-04-16 10:23:04

    Aluminum alloy row chairs are currently widely used in public places such as: airports, hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, libraries, cultural centers, city squares, etc. What is so special about the material structure of such widely used alum...

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    What should be paid attention to in the PU row chair and cleaning and maintenance?

    2020-04-13 09:57:50

    Although the products of the PU row chair have high elasticity and strength, excellent wear resistance, fatigue resistance and shock resistance, the surface has been anti-fouling coating process, which also strengthens the protection of the...

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    What is the development trend of public seats in 2020

    2020-04-11 11:10:45

    In public spaces, you will find that no matter you are on the road or waiting, you can no longer do without electronic products. Driven by the times and economic, many unimaginable things can be shared, gradually improving peoples daily liv...

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    What aspects are connected to the core concept of public seat design?

    2020-04-09 11:11:26

    As far as the design concept of public seats is concerned, the editor thinks that it involves certain design concepts or some skilled manipulation on the computer, or that there is a wood with a very good basic art painting skills or archit...

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    Bearing capacity test for PU waiting chair

    2020-04-09 10:26:52

    New PU waiting chair SJ9075 is one of the hot-selling styles. The color of PU can be customized. It is suitable for use in airports, stations, hospitals, waiting rooms, etc. Bearing capacity test for PU waiting chair SJ9075...

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    New design waiting chair SJ708LA

    2020-04-07 11:25:53

    The waiting chair SJ708LA uses PU cushions. The color of PU can be customized. Compared with leather pads, PU materials are more comfortable to sit on and more durable. It is suitable for use in airports, stations, hospitals, waiting rooms,...

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    What charms make public seats the highlight of public spaces?

    2020-04-06 09:57:15

    OSHUJIAN has been focusing on the research and development of public seats for 20 years, aiming to bring the beauty and comfort of public seats to every corner of the world, demonstrating the concept that Aoshujian has been adhering to-Ever...

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