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In addition to the three-person row chair, can it be a single or multi-person row chair?

Author: airport seating | Time: 2020-04-30 11:54

For example, generally speaking, the rows of chairs on the market can be made into single or multi-row chairs. Specifically, according to the model provided by the manufacturer, it can produce single-row chairs, two-row chairs, three-row chairs, four-row chairs, five-row chairs, etc. to provide flexibility for public spaces.
You can also add a variety of accessories such as armrests, coffee tables, magazine tables, padded backrest cushions, seat cushions, power sockets, wireless chargers, etc. according to the special requirements of customers, making it more convenient for passengers to use.
You can also add a variety of colors to the clean, solid-looking row of chairs, so that each seat becomes more personal, making the public space more harmonious and attractive to passengers.
Features of wireless PU seat:
1. Easy to clean, low maintenance, reliable quality and guaranteed, first-class after-sales service.
2. Wireless charging seat is more convenient for passengers to travel.
3. The backboard of the seat board has strong supporting force, and the whole sheet can withstand the pressure up to 800kg / s.
4. The beam connecting bracket of the seat plate is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, the thickness of the beam is super thick, the surface is sprayed, the new shape is strong and durable!