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The durability of the airport chair is not strong?

To determine if the airport is to chair the durability of many aspects: it seems that some sinister manufacturers involved in the production of some low efficiency, single function, improper use of materials, production of rough, recovery processing hard seat, leading to the airport chair, waiting chair in terms of maintenance cost is relatively high, the reason of these problems cannot be durable are caused by the use of public seats when. Outdoor public seats, both in the design and construction, material selection, production process, must consider the sun and rain, natural conditions and man-made damage, day and night may be destroyed by. Therefore, the choice of quality manufacturers, service first-class manufacturers are necessary.
For example:
O comfort airport chair: SJ-629X
Arm, foot: stainless steel.
Lex: Aluminum Alloy strake, electrochemical treatment.
Seat board: the use of stainless steel plate, environmental protection, not easy to wear, never rust.
Bottom beam: 2.0MM thick 40*80MM steel pipe, air conditioner outdoor paint spraying powder, can withstand the wind and rain and sunshine test.