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Is there any advertising on the airport chair?

Answer: can, (specific circumstances need to negotiate with the airport chair manufacturers)
In fact, each station will have a lot of the airport, airport chair, waiting chair, chair. Fewer dozens of rows, hundreds of thousands of rows. If you make good use of these seats, there are dozens to thousands of advertising.
For example, you buy the PU PU airport chair, waiting chair, chair PU, such as with PU or SIPI, leather, you can find some businesses, advertising printing or spraying advertising in the leather on the back.
Matters needing attention:
1 after airport chair manufacturers agreed to avoid spraying chemical damage (PU, Xi PI leather quality. Otherwise, because of the material damage caused by the spraying, the airport chair factory is very difficult to help you warranty
2 according to the actual needs of the airport, to avoid the emergence of a large number of advertising affect people's mood, to achieve beautiful, comfortable.